Let's fast together for climate action!

Interbelief fast to mark the opening of COP 24


is about taking care of ourselves, others and our environment.

Taking care of ourselves by giving mind and body the time to take a step back. Taking care of others by showing that we are able to live with less in order to help bring about a fairer distribution of resources. Taking care of what some call nature and others creation to show that we are able to say no to the greedy attitude encouraged by our consumer societies.

Fasting for climate action

is a way of responding to the urgent call issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and sending out the following message to the general public and governments, on the occasion of COP 24:

Yes, we have heard

that action is both urgently needed and possible to curb the current process of global warming. If this process continued on its current path, it would, in the short term, disrupt all life forms in a devastating and irreparable manner.

Yes, we are aware

that the impact of climate disruption on mankind is something that affects, and will continue to affect, primarily the most vulnerable sections of the population. We must all, individually and collectively, engage in seeking to prevent forms of injustice and violence at local level that are the result of our common lack of responsibility.

Yes, our aim is more positive

than simply to find a clever way out of our present predicament: we see the unprecedented crisis we are going through as an opportunity for a positive transformation of human society, in which people will be aware that they all belong to one world, one history and one community, with which they will interact for the better, and no longer for the worse.

Fasting for climate action

means seizing the opportunity to think about how we inhabit the world and deciding to make real changes to our lifestyles (e.g. choosing to alter our eating, travel or consumption patterns).

Fasting together

means bringing together women and men from a wide variety of backgrounds – whether or not they belong to faith communities, and whether or not they are activists – to take part in an age-old practice as people who all share a common identity: inhabitants of a planet that is overheating who refuse to adopt a fatalistic attitude, hopeful of a change that will be beneficial to all.

Fasting for climate action

is a way of ridding ourselves of the fascination with disaster, asserting the capacity of human beings for change and solidarity with their own species and all life forms and encouraging governments to consider climate change issues as the main focus of their policies.

The action will take place on Friday 30 November, Saturday 1 December and Sunday 2 December, the day on which COP 24 opens. Let’s fast for one or more days; individually or as a group; abstaining from food or something else (from using cars, smartphones, etc.). And why not break the fast with a festive meal, to celebrate our current or future actions or campaigns? Let’s organize or join local fasting or breaking-the-fast events with the help of the following website: